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 Gretchen Bell is an award-winning Wedding/Brand Photographer, Filmmaker and educator based in Louisville, KY. She has been seen in print, Times Square, runways, NYFW, NYBFW, as well as in  publications and blogs around the country. 


"Gretchen’s photography simply put, is magic. I am so thankful to have found her art for it has greatly impacted my life!"

Your Love

Your Legacy

I don't just create stunning photographs and films. I am driven by a passion for creating a visual legacy for my clients...all my clients. I strive to achieve the most breathtaking photography and video imaginable,  and to make the industry a more inclusive and diverse place that celebrates everyone. I believe in serving all couples with romantic, editorial media regardless of race, gender, or orientation. Have a question, blog topic, or wedding inquiry? Email me at gretchen@hernameisgretchen.com