Glamorous Downtown Louisville Couples Session

“I’d like to paint you, but there are no colors, because there are so many, in my confusion, the tangible form of my great love.”


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If you follow me on  Instagram chances are you have seen this gorgeous couple making some appearances. I love sharing photos from my weddings and my family sessions, but I’m not the best about blogging, ya’ll. As avid of a reader as I am, as much as I love poetry, letters, and love songs, I feel like I rarely have the words adequate to describe my own experiences, let alone the energy I am lucky enough to witness surrounding people when I step behind my lens.

I feel like all the pieces fell into place on this one. Armed with the fabulous styling efforts of my dear friend Miranda, the four of us headed to 21c In downtown Louisville for sunset. The museum hotel is located in Museum Row on Main Street, which features cast iron Facades, a low skyline, and wide, cobbled sidewalks. The shorter buildings were essential, because I wanted soak these two in as much of the sun’s honey-hued light as I possibly could.

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Because backlighting is my boyfriend, I played the sun behind these two and exposed accordingly. As much as I love a crisp image, I will 1000% sacrifice a background if needed for a golden halo of light. To me, few things are lovelier. The golden color story we achieved with Miranda’s styling really reflected the time of day and the glamorous, polished block of downtown we were shooting in.

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To top things off, we did just that: took ourselves to the peak of a downtown structure to stretch a bit more time out of our golden hour. I am so pleased with the results of this shoot. And how about that dress? Miranda and I will be working in tandem on several upcoming projects, and I am excited to announce that she is now offering her styling services to my clients that want it.

Side note: If you like love poems like I do, the letters that Frida Kahlo and Diego Riviera wrote to each other are some of the sweetest, most passionate pieces of script I have recently picked up, and worth a gander if you are so inclined. The quote at the beginning of this post is just a taste of the loveliness they exchanged.  I would love to hear your favorite poet (I am always struggling HARD to caption things) and your thoughts on this shoot! Comment below.

Till next time!


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