Finding Your Person once You’ve Found Your Person

The Power Of Imagery

This post isn’t really a how-to, more than it is an invitation.

Shop around for your vendors.

I love my work, especially with weddings and families. Being a wedding photographer is the bees knees when it comes to professions. I love capturing memories…Photography takes me to life’s most special and intimate moments. I love creating stories. But in the past couple months, I have photographed quite a bit ton…and I took July “off”. I am talking 4 weddings, a dozen or so portrait sessions, a handful of family portraits, 4 commercial commissions and 2 conceptual styled shoots.

I say this not to be all #humblebrag with you, but to illustrate that it is totally possible to shoot so much that you lose inspiration and forget the true meaning and purpose behind each photograph we capture. I got into this industry because of two reasons:  at my core, I am a caretaker, and I wanted my clients to have someone that they could trust on their day, and secondly, because of the power a single image can contain. Powerful images can cause us to spark emotions, to recall memories, and to relate with the subject matter as we relate it to our own lives.

I say all of this becauseI believe in what I do, I believe in my clients, and I believe in my process. I suppose today’s post is all about finding the people who also believe in you. Find people that speak to you, that want to execute your wedding with gusto and happiness. Because when the lights come on and the guests are all gone, what you have left of the day is what I (or any photographer, for that matter) have given to you.
Shop around. Find the photographer that feels like your ‘one”….the one you wont mind third-wheeling alongside you and your forever sweetheart.

You will be happy you did.

Photos from Brian and Carrie’s stellar wedding reception at Whitehall, Coordianted by Lunasa Events.




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