Dressing Your Crew

“Life is a Party. Dress like it. ”


We all know that getting dressed for a wedding isn’t exactly the easiest (I even deal with this as a photographer! Hello, array of business neutral jump suits!). Your wedding posse is no exception. Gone are the days of stiff taffeta dressed, uniformed puffy sleeves and a single shade or two of a signature color splashed everywhere the eye can see. Luckily, wedding outfit etiquette has updated over time, and attendants have not been left behind!

Ahead, you’ll find some useful tips for outfitting the people nearest and dearest to you—or, as is often the case recently, letting them choose their own attire! these days there is a lot of fun in embracing individuality when it comes to wedding digs. That means letting the couple choose attire or themes and accessories that speak to them, but also letting their crews take a little bit of control when it comes to selecting an outfit.


Be mindful of hues and skin tones. Chances are, you can name three colors off the top of your head that you don’t love wearing due to your unique coloring. Keep in mind that trending colors may not not look good on everyone, so considering how each of your friends is going to look and feel in the colors you select is actually really important.

Who says your entourage has to be understated? Beading, sequins, and embroidery can add sparkle, contrast and texture to your wedding day and will add a ton of visual interest to photography, as long as everyone is one the same page style wise.

Keep the weather in mind. I totally understand getting wrapped up in a ‘look’. But you want to consider the time of year, potential weather, and location of your wedding, or your friends will all end up shivering or boiling.

I’m not going to tell you that you have to have to choose long styles in the winter and short in the summer, but if you’re choosing to go short, make sure to provide them with some type of covering such as a shawl or wrap to cover up with.

For summer, long dresses can be tolerable, but you will want to consider fabric choices. Try to find light-weight materials such as a chiffon fabric (and make sure to consider the option to provide them with fans, plenty of options to hydrate, and maybe even shade throughout the day, especially if the festivities take place outside at all!).


The number on thing to keep in mind: Find a good balance between attire that fits your overall vision and styles that your crew will like rocking and feel comfortable in. Don’t forget that although it’s your wedding, you have asked these people to stand by your side for a reason. Allow their voices to be heard and appreciated. At the end of the day, these people will be a huge part of your wedding (between the pre-wedding festivities, to the ceremony, and all those pictures you will be looking at for years to come) so make sure they look great and feel even better!

These photos were taken by Gretchen Bell for Gretchen Bell photography at the Frazier History Museum, in Louisville, KY at the Wedding of Shelby and Zach.

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