Picking your Vendors, the How and the When

First comes First


YAAAAS! You and your honey are engaged, and that is ah-mazing! What comes Next? Your friends and family are probably helping you pour over Pinterest, wedding magazines and blogs, and doing everything they can to help you out.

And now, it’s time. You have a vision. You’re ready to sit down and start scouring the internet and wedding magazines for the perfect vendors. The ones that are going to make your day the absolute best it can be, so that you can spend your time enjoying yourself, your person and the two of you can hang out with your guests.

But, regarding vendors, where do you even begin?

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This is usually a top priority, and one of the first things any couple does when they get engaged. Consider what time of year you want to get married, keeping in mind that there is likely to be a ‘wedding season’ where you live. Don’t forget, as soon as you start booking vendors for a specified date, you’ll likely be stuck with the date you choose unless you to lose out on your deposits.


There are plenty of timelines out there that will advise you what vendors you should book, and when. I tend to be a little more flexible on this idea. Decide what you as a couple care the most about on your day, and go from there. Why not spend a week with your spouse-to-be recording anything you encounter that grabs you, whether it’s a color, a song one of your heard, or a sweet treat at a restaurant. Then compare notes. Does food dominate your list? Start nailing down some menu ideas. Are you both music lovers with entertainment for your guests at the top of your list? Find the best DJs in your area and start hitting them up!

A word of advice: A friend’s recommendation goes far, but there is no one planner, band, or florist is the perfect fit for everyone. Compatibility is key! Make sure you vibe with the personality of your vendors.


Once you’ve reached out to potential vendors, found out your favorite vendor’s availability, book them as soon as you can and lock them in for your date! After getting them, you can start searching for your other vendors. I like the idea of booking them based on their importance to you, that way you won’t be as disappointed if you don’t end up with your first choice. I personally get tons of inquiries for weddings on the same day (September and October are at the top of the list for peak season weddings in my area), so booking ASAP after you inquire is essential.

While, yes, I will admit this is a non-traditional way of planning, I think it ensures that you have people on your team that you truly want to be there. A team of people you enjoy having around, who are also going to give you exactly what you want is the most important part of this process. Whether your venue, photographer or florist is the most essential to you, making decisions based on their importance to you will help you create your dream wedding.

And if having me and my team is at the top of your list, Let’s Chat about getting this party started!

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