Windy City Wind-down

Oh, Chicago. A photographers dream, am I right? This gigantic Midwestern city is mecca for architecture and a fountain for the arts, and it is one of my favorite cities in the country.  If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve seen that this week I have been doing my very best getting to know Chicago a bit better. For a midwesterner, the commute from my current home base in Louisville was easy peasy, and I am no stranger to frequent drives up to Lake Michigan. This particular trip was so fun, I made sure I stayed right across the street from Millennium Park for easy access to everything I knew I wanted to hit up (but also: who knew Chicago was humid in the Summer? Not me!). I took a few quick meetings with planners, visited a few venues and of course ate as much as I possibly could. I tried my very best to steer myself to more local fare (read: avoiding deep dish pizza) and ended up with some interesting finds. Who knew I would find the best Poke bowl of my life in the Midwest?

And y’all, for the second time this year, I got to see Hamilton!  All I have to say is if you haven’t seen it yet, you need to find an open weekend and get definitely lived up to all the hype.

As I spend more time in Chicago, I am trying to learn the wedding industry there. My research says that there is an urban, upscale lean, lots of clean lines and sophisticated color stories. The city itself offers a unique backdrop that varies greatly from the one in my hometown, where there is a slower, more pastoral feeling all around. Even the parks, with their sleek, towering structures , waterways and bridges offer something unique and exciting (did I mention Chicago is a photographer’s dream?).

I’m going to be taking some intentional time here in the coming months. Something about this city feels special and familiar to me, and I think its time I got to know it better. Have you visited the Windy City? What are your thoughts? Favorite spots? Favorite places to eat? Let me know in the comments!


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