Athens Georgia Winery Wedding

Today is an incredibly rare, never before seen blend of a personal post and a work post. Let me explain.

We all have that friend: effortlessly cool, style for days. An honest answer for everything, from life’s toughest challenges to the best new spot to grab a bite on a Friday night. The first person you call when you get good news, the person whose opinion you value maybe more than other peoples, someone you have fun with, someone you can trust and someone in whom you confide.  You know, that friend?

Well for me, that person is Leslie.

So I of course was more than happy to snag my camera when she married Matt in a vineyard just outside of Atlanta this past Autumn. It is a rare thing for me to accept being both a guest and a photographer for a wedding, but this is the first time I really put the effort into making it happen as I did NOT want to miss the festivities in celebrating one of my very best people getting married. Leslie put her trust in me to capture the essence of the event, a few portraits, and some snaps of her and her new husband. The rest of her attention was on my favorite things: food and flowers.

YALL can I just tell you, this party was everything. Beautiful florals, a photobooth, the yummiest southern food (have you tried tomato pie? did you know this was a thing? get some, and prepare for a blown mind), sweet jams and strong drinks. Leslie looked gorgeous and I’ve always LOVED being around her and Matt as a couple.

Let your fingers scroll through some selections of what I caught that day (keep in mind, I was only half working *wink wink*)

Shout out to the crazy talented vendor team that pulled it all off

Jordan Bowman Hair

Home Made Athens

Koury Farms

Ginger Rose Flowers

Layne Lass







  1. Leslie McGarrah says:

    Sweet love! As we stare at the shelf in our living room containing the sweet moments you captured, we’re both awed and honored you could share your special gift with us. You caught all the right moments and we’re eternally thankful.
    We love you!

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