Downtown Louisville Museum Wedding

Ain’t no party like a Ballerina Party Cause a Ballerina Party don’t stop! My darling friend Sam tends to photograph the events for the Louisville Ballet, so I have to give him some props on this one, I would have never have had the chance to meet Shelby and Zach without his endorsement. As soon as I met this sweet, playful couple, I knew we would be a great match for working together. Both employed within the local arts community (she is with the Louisville Ballet and he works for Actors Theater) I knew this was a pair that was already at ease in front of the camera, and was I ever right!

I am sharing these particular images because, having a wedding crew of dancers nearly ruined me for posing a bridal party ever again, but also because nothing could have ever prepared me for the dance party that would take place at the Frazier that night. Check out those reception photos!

Side note: The Juice Box Heroes were serving out every incredible cover you could think of that night, one of the best cover bands I have heard in the area by far. Give this fun wedding a scroll and let me know what you think!





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