Speed Art Museum Wedding Shoot

I can not believe it has taken me this long to get around to posting these photos. I had been wanting to do a a styled, modern wedding shoot for a long time and the Speed Art Museum provided the perfect backdrop, especially considering my love affair with the Arts community here in Louisville. The whole day was contemporary, effortless, and romantic thanks to real couple Barrett and Elle. They offered up their time and love to help me and the rest of the crew that day create beautiful gallery of photographs with ease, and I am so grateful to them for being willing to allow me to make something I have yet to see.

I wanted these two brides to feel elegant and edgy, glamorous and playful. Lucky for me, this couple fit the bill perfectly and were instantly comfortable posing for me and taking direction ( a rare find with a styled shoot featuring a real couple!). We all know how confronting being in front of a lens can be, but these two instantly focused on the fun of the day and the joy of being with each other.

I could not post these images without giving credit to my friends at the Speed, and the amazing styling efforts of the talented teams at Faux Finish Studios and at the  Bridal Suite of Louisville.  Take a moment today, scroll through the gallery, and leave your thoughts in the comments!












What do you think of this wedding inspiration? I’m looking to get creative over the next few months, let me know if you have an idea or inspiration you would to see come to life in the comments!



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