Bourbon Country Engagements

Hi hello my friends and readers. It’s been a little while since I have shown my face around the blog, and I can not believe I haven’t told Y’all about this thing I did before I was a wedding photographer.  I know, I know. It feels likeI have been doing this forever. And while I love weddings, I did hold a few other jobs before this were my career. Brace yo’ selves.

Did you know I used to be a tour guide for the Bourbon Trail?

You read that correctly. Its true.

Before I was finding fulfillment working in weddings, or before I even owned a camera, I was taking folks from around the world in and around the Bluegrass State to distilleries we all know and love, sharing the history of Kentucky, talking about the romance and legacy of bourbon, and showing people the hidden gems in and around Louisville.

I’ve been considering this a lot lately, thanks to a talk me friend Stephanie Zakas gave at a recent event I attended in Florida (remember that post I did a week of so ago about Impact Wedding Summit? She was one of the keynote speakers in a room of over 200 wedding industry professionals!).

Let me tell you a little bit about Stephanie. She is THE go to photographer for Iceland adventure elopements, has branded herself and her experience to a ‘t’, plus she is just an amazing and uplifting person and so refreshing to spend time around. She has crafted her entire brand around taking engaged couples to beautiful, isolated, breathtaking landscapes around Iceland. She has built her brand as not only an authority for this, but also as a caretaker for her couples (she literally will bring a bucket of snacks, hand warmers, blankets, etc and be your personal driver while she takes to you to some of the most stunning places on the planet. Girlfriend is killing it, yaknow?). Stephanie is masterful at crafting an experience for her couples that will last forever, a day full of memories and photos to match while she shares in the love and excitement for her couples.


I had the chance to chat with her after her talk. Why haven’t I been offering an experience like this for my couples? She couldn’t figure it out, either. There is so much potential for fun and memory making here that has not been tapped into. think about it: Could there be anything more fun than hoping in a car, hearing about the incredible history of the beautiful country we live in and tasting our native spirits, all while getting photos taken, laughing with your favorite human and having the experience of a lifetime?  Stephanie Zakas, you have inspired me and I have heart-eyed emoji feels for you forever and ever, amen.

So all of this to say, I am seriously working through developing a collection of engagement packages that include my knowledge of the great state of Kentucky, the city of Louisville, and of course, America’s Spirit, Bourbon. I can’t wait to release them this spring. I’ll be running a contest via Social Media to get some promotional materials together for it, and then Bourbon Country Engagements (working title, what are your thoughts?) will be live! I am so excited to share this experience through photography with both locals and visitors alike, and to capture some of the incredible beauty here in KY.

Now I have to ask, what is your favorite Bourbon?

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