Flower Friday: Merci Bouquet

I have a little secret to tell anyone that has been following me for less than three years: before I was a wedding photographer, I was a wedding Florist! I loved getting my hands into the different textures and colors of nature. According to behavioral research conducted at Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, there is a really simple way to improve emotional health – receiving flowers. Pretty wild, eh? The presence of flowers triggers has the ability to create intimacy, trigger happy emotions, can heighten feelings of contentment, and affects social behavior positively (no surprises there, really, but science!). I have a ton of respect for all the fantastic local wedding vendors that put so much thought, time, and even the occasional tear into creating unique masterpieces for each couple’s signature event.

Today, I am kicking off a new monthly series I’m going to call (for now anyway) Flower Friday. The last Friday of each month I will feature work form a florist from one of the weddings I have shot, tell you a bit about the color and selection, and give you a deeper peek into some of the beautiful designs that, sadly, only live on through photography. Today I am sharing work from none other than Amy Goforth of Merci Bouquet just across the river from Louisville in New Albany, Indiana. Amy is a talented floral and event designer that has been in the industry for over fifteen years. I have had the pleasure of working with her many times, so don’t be surprised if you see her work featured more than once here.



This particular wedding took place at the Seelbach Hilton and later moved to the Olmstead . The October weather had taken a slight turn and was overcast and a tad drizzly, but this only made the hue of the florals pop even more! Among the selections here are red standard roses (a classic wedding flower), purple tulips and for a fun dash of texture, pepperberry!  The color combination and layering brings down the sass level of the red roses and grounds them into a combination that is both elegant and moody (CAN I GET AN AMEN?!). Scroll down for a few more shots of this amazing work by Amy.




Louisville Bride  


Bravo to Amy for this thoughtful design! It really made for an elegant wedding and the design paired with those dark tablecloths really made the whole receptions space dreamy and moody without trying *at all*. What are your thoughts on the colors she utilized? What is your favorite color combination?

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