Music Monday: Still the One

You all know by now, photographing weddings makes my heart so happy. I love being a photographer, I love making people happy and relaxed, and I love doing it with a killer soundtrack! Enter my love song for this Music Monday. This is an upbeat, under the radar love song by Ingrid Michaelson that could find a spot at almost any wedding, from wedding party entrances to a first dance. Its a little more bouncy than most of the songs I hear a couple dance to as first, but I think for a more playful couple it might just fit the bill. The lyrics are absolutely fantastic.

“I got the music, you got the moves
I’m still the one that’s in love with you
I’m like a movie, you’re like the news
I’m still the one that’s in love with you
We dance in the living room and
We move to the beating of our blood
You are the one, I am the two
I’m still the one that’s in love with you”

Give it a listen and let me know your thoughts in the comments!

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