More checking in while Social Distancing


Social Distancing Chronicles week…..uuuuh, how long have we been doing this now? I haven’t picked up my camera for a client since late February, no weddings, no family sessions. There are some aspects of this new normal that I have relished: time for boredom (which breeds creativity) more cooking at home, lots of time with my family. But then, there is the lackluster sense of being alone, away from everyone else ASIDE from my sons, the sense of purpose my career gave me that is now on pause for the forseeable future, the extreme feeling of financial insecurity. I know I am not alone in any of it, but not being able to talk about it brings a sense that I am.

Are these ramblings making any sense?

Anyways, the boys and I. We are only driving each other a little crazy. I have found that they are much less likely to appreciate their NTI (parents know what I am talking about) than curriculum that I create and assign, so the school of mom has been in full swing the past several weeks. There has been a healthy dose of math, writing, and a whole, whole lot of work with reading. I hate to admit that chores have become virtually nonexistent as it has proven easier for me to JUST DO IT than to beg my kids to participate in household work. As I write this and sheepishly admit that, I am realizing the error of my ways and vow to make a chore chart starting today. Be strong, fellow parents.

I’ve been dying for updated photos of my family that includes me. Like most mommas, I tend to be the one manning the camera during most outings, so with only a teensy amount of pleading, I convinced Chris to pack up his camera and snap some shots. I allowed TT and Uno to vote on my outfit, and of course they chose the frilliest, flowy-est, pinkest outfit that they could find. I went with it.



Make sure to document this time with your families, my friends. You don’t have to have fancy gear or be a pro to show up for the memories. I’m going to do what I can to do the same, stay focused and present and humble, and come out on the other side of this pandemic a fuller, more realized person.

Till next time,



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