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“Gretchen was the photographer for my daughter’s wedding. I met Gretchen at a wedding I was at years earlier. I saw her in action, and knew she would be perfect for my daughter. Their personalities just matched. The 3 of us met at a coffee shop and we knew right away Gretchen would be perfect. Her attention to detail, her creativity to get the ‘perfect shot you haven’t seen before,’ and they way she just connected with everyone involved with the wedding that day was over the top. My daughter had given her a list of the pictures she wanted taken after the ceremony with family. We have been at many weddings where it is an hour + until the newlyweds get to enjoy their reception. My daughter chose to do a first look with her groom before the ceremony, so most pictures were finished ahead of time. Gretchen would look at the list Mandy gave her, and stuck to that list. It took 30 minutes, and the pictures are absolutely beautiful. The rest of the evening were candid shots of guests and the newlyweds just enjoying the evening. It was to the letter exactly what we wanted, and the pictures are absolutely breathtaking. Gretchen is worth every penny.”

Anne H.

I will never forget meeting this incredible mother of the bride! A fellow vendor, Anne is the owner of The Louisville Chocolate Fountain, located in La Grange, Kentucky. We’ve known each other for years and naturally I was thrilled when she told me that her only daughter, Mandy, was engaged and wanted to set up a meeting with me! Every client booked is a huge honor, but having someone who is tapped into the industry, has their pick of vendors, and wants to short list you for such a special day is of course a huge compliment.

Summer wedding florals in Southern Indiana
Mandy and Evan left no stone unturned when it came to details for their wedding.

When I heard Mandy’s vision for the day, I knew we HAD to work together. The wedding took place in the peak of summer at the Refinery in Southern Indiana, just across the bridge from Louisville, Kentucky. My friends, let me tell you, this day did not disappoint. With access to every vendor in the city and a boatload of style, Mandy carefully created a gorgeous, dreamy, southern landscape that was brimming with fun details, colorful florals, and entertainment for her guests. The ceremony took place outdoors in the stunning courtyard and had a gorgeous, geometric arbor dripping in flowers. Guests were shaded by white umbrellas and the bridesmaids each got the opportunity to showcase their individuality with unique, thoughtful dresses that matched the fete’s tone beautifully.

bridesmaids lead the bride down the aisle
Chiffon dresses caught the shimmering golden light perfectly
Wedding guests were shaded as they watch the couple exchange heartfelt vows to one another.
The bridesmaids dresses complimented each other beautifully and were a photographer’s dream.

Following the couple’s heartfelt exchange, (and during some quick photos) guests were treated to popcorn, live music, adult slushies and photobooth fun for the cocktail hour. I simply could not take enough pictures of every little thing: it was a feast for the eyes.

Aside from the obvious beauty of the day, it was truly such an honor to celebrate in the love of these two families as they united. Having been a friend of Anne, I know picking just anyone wasn’t an option for her and her daughter. It was a beautiful, warm day that blossomed with love and I am truly glad I was selected to be the photographer. So thank you Anne, for your kind words and this lovely review. I hope the images give you many memories to smile on and fill your heart with the same love that was felt on Mandy and Evan’s wedding day.

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