At my core, I am a caretaker, and I want to go above and beyond to ensure you receive beautiful, magazine worthy images from your day.

I am a west coaster turned southern girl that, above all, believes in love, and I think that everyone you hire on your wedding day should care about you. l want to show up to your wedding and guide you so that you’re relaxed (and look oh so natural) for photos.


Honesty, transparency and attention to detail are my top priorities, and I will do what it takes so that you and your crew look your best. Flyaways? Im on it. Crooked ties? I’ve got your back. I’m not afraid of jumping in and making sure everything is in its right place.


I’ve always had an artistic personality and a flare for the dramatic, and my passion began when I started work as an editorial photographer. My career has taken me to events including Bridal Fashion Week, the Kentucky Derby, galas, runway shows and festivals. My client list outside of my wedding work features television personalities, celebrity chefs, fashion designers, museums, liquor brands and event planners and businesses large and small from around the globe.


There is a lot of information out there and I am here to help you navigate it all seamlessly. You can rely on me for honest council during the entire process of working together to help make the best choices for you and your day.


I'll take photographs that you'll cherish, and bring you back to the moment they were captured, for years to come. The more trust we can build, the better the collaboration between us will be, and the more I can translate your experiences into beautiful imagery. I encourage you to look at the work of other photographers and make sure that you feel a connection with whoever you select to be there on your day.


The more we can communicate about what is important to you, the happier you will be when the lights come on and your guests go home. I am an open book and I invite you to be one as well! 



My Values

I love showing people the best parts of themselves.

My inspiration is you.  A driving force for the work that I do is to elevate my clients through photography. I want to showcase people in a way that the people closest to them will understand and cherish.

Making you look incredible is my job. Behind the scenes, I am continuously honing my skills and have been seen in Times Square, the Knot Bridal fashion week, NYFW, Party Slate, Kentucky Bride and more.  

 I love that photographer literally means light makes me think of myself as an artist, spreading thick, luxurious, luminous oils over a canvas to preserve someones most precious posession: their memories.


my people

The reason why.

Meet my babes, lovingly known as Uno and TT. They get all the credit in regard to my career. They are the Cheese to my Macaroni and my number one Motivators. Forever my biggest fans, they are both budding photographers themselves (Uno says he wants to be one when he grows up…If he doesn’t become Batman instead). My career gives me the freedom to take them to the beach every summer, buy video games, and be home most nights to tuck them in.


Which is exactly why I have chosen this incredible career. I am detail oriented, focused, and a type A personality when it comes to my job, and I am devoted to documenting the moments in life that my clients cherish. From bourbon themed bashes in Kentucky to beautiful, tented ceremonies in New England, and everything in between, my career has taken me all of the country and given me the tools to be experienced and prepared for any kind of wedding.  

My passion in life is helping people tell thier story. 


Ready to Make Magic Together?